Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Hate Charley and his Horse

I was relaxing in bed the other day when all of a sudden I felt my right calf start to firm up. For the past week or two it had been sore a bit and I just assumed that it was from all the running around I do. I thought it would go away once I straightened out my leg like I usually do.

However this was not the case. I could feel the skin of my leg start to wrap around the muscle like plastic wrap and the pain intensified. I stretched my leg out and did my best not to scream like a little girl. Instead, I found myself in agony and laughing at my own discomfort. What was adding to the humour was the fact that I was bending my foot to the left and couldn't force it to go straight.

Yeah, that was sort of what my leg looked like...sans Kathy Bates of course

It felt like the muscle was actually going to burst out of the skin and this was going on for too long. I looked at my foot and desperatly willed myself to straighten out. It did and the pain quickly went away.

I found out later from my mother that it was a charley horse and that my father used to get them all the time. I suddenly recalled nights where he would awaken screaming. And to think all the years I thought it was due to him forgetting to turn his night-light on...

According to him, it either means I'm dehydrated (Unlikely) or I need to adjust my diet (Very likely). That really sucks because I think I do good for a guy who eats nothing but junk food and exercises on a semi-regular basis. But in all honesty, it did freak me out for a second and has made me realize that, yeah, a salad every once in a while wouldn't hurt.

So does anyone wanna come over and make me a salad?

Yeah, something along these lines. Not too many croutons, please.

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