Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vacation and the Future

Well, here I am back in my bedroom after a nice (but too brief) trip back home for Christmas holidays. It may have been for five days but in my view it was a matter of quality not quantity. And needless to say, while I may have slept for most of the first day, I certainly made up for it by cooking not only an amazing steak dinner for my family (Tip: When the blood starts to rise, your steak is 'medium') which my Dad praised as being as good as The Keg, but also a bitching minestrone soup that would make any Italian chef weep out of pure envy. My mom helped with that one.

I would put the recipe up but I decided that I'll save that for another post in the new year. Tonight I was supposed to be going into work but it seems that my manager (Who reminds me of what Gordon Ramsay said about some restaurant managers: "They can't even run a bath.") thought that I still had one more day of vacation. So needless to say, I arrived at work, collected my paycheck and promply left.

Mine was like this except a lot more awesome

Christmas was very good this year. I got a lot of books (A sign that the person giving the gift hates you, I've heard) but the ones I've read the most have been the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels that my younger sister got me. I actually enjoyed them more than I thought I originally would though I'm still a bit hesitant about seeing the movie.

It's not that I'm the type who thinks Hollywood ruins everything they touch (They don't have to try hard, though), it's just that I'm not the biggest fan of Michael Cera. Yes, he's Canadian like me, I'm sure he's very talented but...his voice. My sisters at the age of 12 sounded more masculine than he does.

Michael Cera in "Scott Pilgrim VS Puberty"!

But my stay at home isn't going to be very long. In a little more than a week I'll be flying out to Las Vegas with Aaron and another friend of his. It was something we had talked about over beer which I thought wouldn't happen for another couple of years. However since he's getting married in June, he's decided that now is the right time to do it before he ruins his life.

At the moment there aren't too many plans for once we arrive. Gamble a little, see the sights, take in a show (Penn and Teller, if possible) and battle sobriety among other activities. I was hoping that there might be a boxing event that weekend in Vegas but no such luck.

Viva this place!

I'm also thinking of getting a place of my own sometime before the year is through. While I do enjoy living here because of how close everything is, it would be nice to have my own kitchen and occasionally not have to try to sleep through the sounds of crying babies or barking dogs. However I've got quite a lot of time to work all that out.

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