Monday, August 27, 2012

The House-Sitters Club Part 2: Italian Adventure

Back in July before I went on my own vacation, Aaron and Katelynn were telling me about their planned honeymoon later in the summer (That being now). Originally the plan was to go to Russia but that quickly changed when they found out that it's harder to get into the country now than it was back during the Cold War.

And besides...screw Russia. I mean, yeah, there's a lot of history there and Aaron was really interested in seeing the Kremlin and Red Square but to me...there's not much else to do. Also the Russian government has some strict rules about people who want to travel. They would have to mail out their passports to the government and wait for them to return. Also, they would not be able to travel by themselves and have to stay in a group the whole time. Yeah, cause that's what everyone wants for their honeymoon.

I'm just not feeling the romance with this image

So they changed their mind and decided they would be going to Italy. Beautiful scenery, historical monuments, great food, a wonderful atmosphere...
You can understand why I was pissed off at them for going.
Since they were going to be gone for two weeks I immediately informed them that I would once again be willing to look after Lyle while they were off eating ravioli that wasn't made by a chef named Boyardee. 

"Oh, that's not necessary," Katelynn informed me. The plan was to drop Lyle off in Ontario to spend some time with Katelynn's mother which seemed a bit strange especially since Katelynn put in a way that made it seem like Lyle really was looking forward to going to Ontario.
I should note that Lyle is a dog who often confuses the doorbell on TV for the doorbell in real life. The sound of either causes him to bark like a maniac.

When not being baffled by doorbells, Lyle likes to spend his time working on his tan

So after I came back from my cruise, I went to Aaron's one afternoon to drink when all of a sudden he pulled out his calender.
"Hey...what are you doing between, uh August 22nd and September 5th?"
I had a feeling he was asking me to go somewhere with him but it turns out...
"Would you wanna watch Lyle for us?"
It seems that they both came to realize that paying airfare for a canine to be transported to Toronto to be picked up by a parent and cared for over a period of two weeks only to return to Toronto after said two weeks were over wasn't such a good idea after all.

So here I am on a nice little bed with Lyle sleeping on my feet, occasionally looking up towards me and barking at any unfamiliar sound that's unfamiliar to him. For the most part he is good company though there have been some changes in the routine. 

For example, while he normally sleeps on Aaron and Katelynn's bed with them, I put a stop to that after the first night when he woke me up at 2am due to all his tossing and turning with that noisy collar of his. And then when someone decided to walk their dog three hours later, even though he couldn't see the other dog, the other hound's presence was so vile to Lyle that he woke me up with his barking and constant running back and forth between my door and the front door to let me know he wanted to go for a walk. He sleeps in a cage now.

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