Thursday, March 21, 2013

Still Alive

No, I didn't die, neither did I give up writing the blog. I distracted. First of all, I was unemployed for a good while (Not that there was anything good about it), was looking for a new place, new job and trying to keep depression at bay while creating content for the boxing website I write for.

Then I found a new job, had to get used to the fact that I was at the bottom of the food chain both in terms of seniority as well as having any idea as to what I was doing (Nobody ever tells you how bad you're going to fuck up until you've already fucked up) compared to the Pilot/Flying J where I was training people who were going onto become General Managers of their own stores. To quote Gordon Ramsay: "General Manager? General Tosspot."

"Making reference to me when not talking about one of my shows? GET OUT!!!!"

But I'm doing well at my new job now, settled into a new apartment and am giving good content to on a regular basis. So now that that's under control, I'm going to try and work to get this blog up to the standard it was at two years ago. I've already got some ideas for posts, including an episode-by-episode review of some animated series and a few other things. So, relax, don't get out that black suit. I'm not dead yet and neither is my writing.

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